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How to Find a Houston Child Custody Attorney

Child custody disputes can be contentious, emotional events. To alleviate some of the stresses involved with this type of case, it’s imperative you find an experienced Houston child custody attorney.

Houston child custody attorney understands the court system and child custody laws. A lawyer can devise a legal strategy that best fits your needs. An attorney also can help ease any anxiety stemming from custody battles. This article will detail how to find and select an attorney.

The Search for a Houston Child Custody Attorney

Start by compiling a list of potential lawyers.

Talk to people you know and get referrals from them. Friends, family members or business associates are a good resource for finding potential child custody attorneys. Personal recommendations are particularly useful if you’ve never hired a lawyer before.

If you did not find any potential attorneys through personal recommendations or simply wish to expand your list, can put you in touch with a Houston child custody attorney.

Just fill out the form on this website or call 1-877-913-7222. After answering some basic questions, you will be given the name of at least one Houston child custody attorney. You then have the option of calling the lawyer directly, or the lawyer will call you within two business days.

Once you have the name of at least one potential child custody attorney, you can schedule a meeting with him. This meeting is called an initial consultation. Initial consultations allow you to get to know lawyers and familiarize them with your case. The meetings should also help you decide if you want to hire the lawyer. Initial consultations usually are free, but confirm this when you make an appointment.

Before your appointment, take time to prepare for the meeting. Gather documents or any other relevant information for your case. Write a list of questions you would like to ask. Bring a pen and paper to take notes. Questions to ask child custody attorneys include:

  • Where did you attend law school?
  • How long have you practiced child custody law?
  • What’s your proposed strategy for my child custody case?
  • How long do child custody cases take?
  • How do you bill for services? How much do you estimate it will cost to resolve my child custody issue?
  • Will I have to pay any court-related costs?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the initial consultation. This meeting will help you select and hire a child custody attorney. So go ahead and ask questions about grandparents’ rights or child support. Attorneys in Houston should know the answers.

Before the consultation ends, ask the lawyer for references. Call the references if you have any further questions about the lawyer you may want to hire.

Write down your thoughts during the meeting or afterwards, when the appointment is still fresh in your mind. Ask yourself:

  • Did the lawyer listen well?
  • Did he understand my child custody problem?
  • Could the lawyer explain Houston child custody laws?
  • Do you think the lawyer charges reasonable rates?

After the Initial Consultation

After your meeting with a Houston child custody attorney, you should know about his background and experience and the way he handles cases. In addition, you should have a clear understanding of how he assessed your case. Lastly, you should know how the lawyer expects to be paid.

If you need further information about an attorney, call the references. Speak to former clients and ask them about their experience with the child custody attorney. Would they work with the lawyer again? What was the best aspect of working with this attorney? What were the attorney’s downfalls?

After finding a child custody attorney that’s right for you, hire him and start your child custody proceedings.