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How to Hire a South Carolina Custody Lawyer

If you're dealing with a South Carolina custody issue, it's normal to feel nervous or uncertain. After all, you care about the well-being of your child, and you may be anxious at the prospect of doing battle with your child's other parent. A South Carolina child custody lawyer can ease your fears and guide you through the custody process.

If you have any family members, friends, or co-workers who have recently dealt with South Carolina custody issues, they may be able to recommend a local attorney who can represent you.

If you don't know anyone who can offer a suggestion or you don't feel comfortable discussing your legal issue with others, then you've come to the right place. Whether you live in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg or elsewhere in South Carolina, offers a service to connect you with South Carolina custody attorneys in your area.

To start the process, simply fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-877-913-7222. We'll ask you a few questions about your legal issue, then we'll connect you with one or more South Carolina child custody attorneys. You can contact the lawyers at your convenience, or the lawyers will contact you within two business days.

Screening South Carolina Custody Lawyers

Hiring an attorney requires some thought and care. You don't just want someone who has the technical skills, expertise, and knowledge of South Carolina custody laws. You should also look for a South Carolina custody lawyer who has good judgment because you're putting your trust and confidence in this attorney.

Before committing to hire an attorney, you should schedule an initial consultation to get to know the attorney and to familiarize the attorney with the details of your custody case. Many attorneys offer free initial consultations, but some attorneys do charge for them. To avoid being caught by surprise, ask whether there will be a charge before your meeting.

Prepare for the consultation by making some notes you can refer to during the meeting. You'll certainly want to discuss the key points of your custody case, as well as any background that's relevant. You should also plan to ask the lawyer questions in an effort to get to know him or her better. Among the topics to consider discussing:

  • The attorney's educational background and experience with child custody laws in South Carolina
  • The attorney's assessment of your case and suggested strategy for handling the dispute
  • How the attorney charges for his or her time, and their estimated cost to handle your entire case

Selecting a South Carolina Custody Attorney

Take notes during your appointment, particularly if you're meeting with several lawyers. (The details of each meeting may start to blend together.) After your meetings, spend some time considering each attorney and whether they'd be qualified to handle your case. Do they have the necessary experience? Can you afford the legal fees? Did you agree with the attorney's proposed strategy? Did you feel as if you could trust the lawyer in handling your case? Once you've found an attorney who is qualified to handle your case and with whom you feel comfortable, then you're ready to hire your lawyer and resolve your South Carolina custody dispute.