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How to Hire Pittsburgh Child Custody Lawyers

If you are splitting up and have kids, Pittsburgh child custody lawyers have probably been on your mind a lot. The right attorney can guide you through the child custody process, represent your interests and help to make sure your family gets the best possible custody arrangement. If you’ve never hired a family law attorney before, you may not be sure how to begin. Here, we can explain how to find and hire one.

Finding Pittsburgh Child Custody Lawyers

You can begin your search by talking to people you know who have gone through custody cases. These types of recommendations can be very reassuring. You can get insights into the lawyers’ strengths and weaknesses before you even meet with them.

Even if someone comes highly recommended, though, you should still meet face to face before you hire him. You want to feel comfortable with the attorney and make sure you are on the same page on how to handle your case. Your relationship with your ex may be different from someone else’s. Your kids may be at different ages. You and your ex may also have to figure out logistics such as location. If you live in Brentwood and your ex wants to move to West View, you will have to consider that, and a lawyer can help.

We can also connect you with Pittsburgh child custody lawyers if you don’t get any good recommendations or if you would like another name or names. Fill out the simple form on this page, or call us at 1-877-913-7222 and, after answering a few short questions, we can get you the name of a child custody attorney. You can reach out directly or the attorney will call you within two business days.

Pennsylvania Child Custody Laws

As soon as know you will have to figure out a custody arrangement, you will want a Pittsburgh custody attorney on your side to advise you about the Allegheny County courts. A judge will decide your family’s custody arrangements based on what is in the best interests of your child, and a lawyer can explain exactly what that means for you.

The initial consultation is your chance to decide which Pittsburgh child custody attorney you want to hire. You can get to know the lawyer by asking a lot of questions.

When you meet with the lawyer, ask about his experience. Find out if he has handled a lot of child custody cases, especially ones that are similar to yours. The lawyer may not be able to discuss your specific case until you hire him, but he can explain the process, how Pittsburgh area judges decide best interests and what your options are.

Be sure to ask the lawyer about his legal fees and how much he charges for child custody cases.

Ask the lawyer for references, and talk to those people if still aren’t sure about the right lawyer to hire. Find out what they liked about the lawyer and what they wish they had done differently.

During and after the initial consultation, take a lot of notes. Write down what you talked about, as well as your impressions about the lawyer. This will be very helpful when you have to choose among Pittsburgh child custody lawyers.

A child custody case can be exhausting and emotional, and the arrangement that the judge approves will affect you, your children and your ex for years to come. When you hire the right attorney, you will have someone on your side who will work to make sure that custody arrangement is the best possible one for everybody involved.