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How to Select a Portland Child Custody Attorney

When facing a Portland, Oregon, child custody battle, you want to have a knowledgeable Portland child custody attorney on your side. Your lawyer can act as your advisor and advocate, helping to ensure you and your child's other parent come up with the right custody arrangement for your children.

If you've never before hired a lawyer, you may not know where to begin. This article will take you through the steps of finding and hiring an attorney.

Qualities to Look for in a Portland Child Custody Attorney

Before you start meeting and interviewing lawyers, you should take some time to consider what you're looking for in a child custody attorney. Think about your own custody issue, then ask yourself:

  • Do I expect a prolonged fight with my child's other parent, or will we be able to resolve issues quickly and amicably?
  • Do I need a more experienced attorney who is accustomed to handling complex custody issues, or is my issue more straightforward?
  • Am I looking for a Portland fathers' rights' attorney or a Portland mothers' rights' attorney, or am I happy to hire a lawyer who represents both mothers and fathers?
  • What is my budget?

There are four important factors to consider when hiring a lawyer, and your answers to these questions will help determine how much weight to give to each factor. The factors are:

  • Background and experience
  • What custody arrangement do I hope for and how much child support do I want to pay or receive?
  • Proposed legal strategy
  • Legal fees
  • Your comfort-level with the attorney

Identifying Portland Custody Lawyers

Next you'll want to identify lawyers to potentially hire. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Start by talking to people you know who have been involved in child custody disputes. Ask if they were happy with their attorney. Were they satisfied with the outcome? Were the legal fees reasonable? Would they hire their attorney again? These personal recommendations can be valuable.

If you're unable to get a personal suggestion, if you'd rather not discuss your custody dispute with others or if you'd simply like another lawyer to consider, can help. We offer a service that can connect you with a Portland, Oregon, child custody lawyer in your area.

To begin the process, complete the form on this site or call us at 1-877-913-7222. After answering a few basic questions, we'll put you in touch with a child custody lawyer. You can call the attorney immediately, or he'll be in touch within two business days.

Prepare to Meet an Attorney

Just because you have the name of an attorney doesn't mean you should rush out and hire him. Instead, you'll first want to interview the lawyer during a preliminary meeting, known as an initial consultation. This meeting, which is usually free, helps you to decide whether to hire an attorney. During the meeting you'll have the chance to learn more about the lawyer's background, experience and legal fees, and discuss your child custody case.

You should prepare for the initial consultation by writing down a list of questions you'd like to ask the child custody lawyer. Focus on topics that help you determine whether the attorney's right for you.

You'll also want to gather any documents related to your child custody case and bring copies to the meeting. This will help the lawyer better understand the nature and scope of the issue.

Finally, remember to bring writing materials to the initial consultation. You'll be discussing a lot of things, and you don't want to forget any important information. Your notes will also come in handy when it's time to select an attorney.

Selecting a Child Custody Lawyer

After you've met with each Portland child custody attorney on your list, it's time to select one.

Think back to the qualities you're looking for in an attorney. Does one Portland child custody lawyer clearly fit your needs? If so, your choice will be an easy one. If you're undecided between a couple of attorneys, ask each lawyer to put you in touch with at least one former client. Then, call each client and ask for their feedback about the lawyer. What were the lawyer's strengths and weaknesses? Were the satisfied with his work? Would they hire him again? This information should help you decide which attorney to hire.