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When Should You Hire a St. Louis Child Custody Attorney?

If you have to make St. Louis child custody arrangements, you may be wondering when you should hire an attorney. An experienced attorney can help you through the process and make sure your family gets the best possible arrangement. If you are in the midst of child custody proceedings, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Child Custody Laws in Missouri

The custody process can be very confusing and emotional. Under Missouri custody laws, neither parent is presumed to have custody.

A St. Louis child custody attorney can serve as an advocate on your behalf, making sure that judges get to see a full picture of your family and that all the paperwork is filed correctly with the courts. When you are upset or confused, your attorney can also help explain things to you, describe all your options and help you concentrate on long-term goals. If you are having trouble being civil with your ex or your ex is not being reasonable about custody, your attorney can act as a buffer or go-between.

An attorney can explain St. Louis child support laws and make sure that payments are fair. If necessary, your attorney can also help with St. Louis and state child support enforcement.

You also want to have your custody case settled as quickly as possible, so your kids can have stable, predictable living arrangements. Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible can help move the process along.

Finding and Interviewing Attorneys

You can start the process of looking for a lawyer right now. On this website, you can fill out the short form or call us at 1-877-913-7222, and we can connect you with attorneys who focus on child custody and family law. Once you answer a few simple questions, we can give you the name of an attorney in the St. Louis area, whether you live in the Central West End, Richmond Heights or Ballwin.

And don’t forget to talk to people you know for recommendations for attorneys. Getting a personal recommendation can be very reassuring.

Even with very strong recommendations, though, you should still plan to meet with and interview the attorney before hiring one.

Custody situations can be unique, and your legal and financial needs may not be the same as someone else’s. Your relationship with your ex may also be different, and so could your kids’ relationship with both of you.

By having an initial consultation, you can get to know the lawyer, explain your situation and decide whether this is the right attorney to hire.

Be ready to ask a lot of questions. Find out how the St. Louis child custody process works and what you will need to do. Find out about visitation rights while the custody agreement is being finalized. Ask the lawyer about his approaches and strategies. You may not get specific advice about your case until you hire an attorney, but you should get a good understanding of what will happen to you and your family.

You will also need to ask the attorney about his fees. Find out how he charges, and how much he charges. Try to get an idea of what the total cost of your child custody case may be, including court fees, attorney’s fees and other expenses.

Choosing a Lawyer for Your St. Louis Custody Case

While you want to hire an attorney quickly, your child custody case is too important for you to rush out and hire someone without thinking it through. Ask a lot of questions, and listen to your gut. This will help you find the right attorney for your child custody matter.