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How to Select St. Louis Child Custody Lawyers

If you’ve been battling with your ex over custody of your children, it’s time to consult some St. Louis child custody lawyers. But it’s understandable that if you’ve never hired a lawyer before, you may not know where to find one. This article can help.

Before you contact one, it may be helpful to consider what it is you want in a St. Louis child custody lawyer. You probably want an attorney who:

  • Has extensive experience helping other St. Louis clients with their custody battles
  • Offers sound advice and plots out a strategy you believe will get you results
  • Charges a reasonable legal fee
  • Is trustworthy

Keep these attributes in mind as you go about searching for your St. Louis custody attorney. In that way, you will recognize the best lawyer for you when you find him.

Collecting Names of St. Louis Child Custody Lawyers

The first step in finding an attorney is to collect some names of St. Louis child custody lawyers. Consider your circle of friends, family members and acquaintances. Do you know people who have had to fight for custody of their children? Did they use a lawyer? If so, you’ll want to find out all about their experience. Ask them:

  • Was your attorney a tough negotiator, or did he try to foster cooperation?
  • Did your attorney seem knowledgeable about all aspects of St. Louis, Missouri child support laws?
  • What did you think of the advice your lawyer gave you?
  • Were you happy with the results?
  • Can you give your lawyer the highest recommendation?

If your friends don’t have any lawyers they can wholeheartedly recommend, you just need another name for your list or you’d prefer not to talk about your custody battle with people you know, you have another resource right here. offers a service that can connect you with a St. Louis child custody lawyer wherever you are in the city.

When you’re ready, call us at 1-877-913-7222. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the short form on this website. We’ll have a few questions for you. Then, whether you are in Southwest Garden, Kingsway West or any other part of the city, we’ll forward the name and contact information for at least one St. Louis child custody attorney near you.

You’re welcome to contact the lawyer at your convenience. Otherwise, he will follow up with you within two business days.

Preparing to Meet a St. Louis Child Custody Lawyer

The second step in the attorney-search process is to interview one or more St. Louis child custody lawyers. Most custody lawyers in St. Louis are willing to meet with you to introduce themselves and discuss your custody battle. This no-obligation, first meeting is called an initial consultation.

The initial consultation may be the most important step in your attorney search. At this first meeting, you can:

  • Discuss your options and possible strategies to write a custody agreement that encompasses your desires
  • Find out how much experience the attorney has representing other St. Louis clients facing custody battles
  • Most importantly, determine whether this is someone you want to hire

You won’t have unlimited time at the initial consultations, so you’ll want to pack as much as you can into the time you’re given. To prepare for your meetings, consider ahead of time what questions you want to ask. Write them down and bring them with you, so you don’t forget anything. Bring along extra writing material, so you can record the answers and jot down any notes you want to take.

If you are alleging that the other parent would endanger your children, you should also bring along any documentation that would bolster your case, such as police reports, photographs of injuries or letters of concern from your children’s school.

Selecting a St. Louis Child Custody Attorney

When you have finished interviewing the St. Louis child custody lawyers on your list, it is time to choose one. Think back to the qualities you defined as most important to you. Which attorney:

  • Has the best experience?
  • Offers a strategy you liked?
  • Charges a fair legal fee?
  • Seemed trustworthy and put you at ease?

If you’re torn between two or more candidates, call a few of their former clients and ask the same kinds of questions listed above for friends who have hired a custody lawyer before. Their real-world feedback should help you determine which is the best attorney for you.

Once you have found your St. Louis child custody lawyer, you can move forward with your efforts to win custody of your children.