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When to Hire a Detroit Custody Lawyer

If you are involved in a Detroit custody situation, you should to talk to a family law attorney as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more uncertain your children’s lives may feel. Once you begin working with a Detroit custody lawyer, you can start finalizing the legal custody and living arrangements of your children and stabilize their situation.

Child custody agreements can be very complicated and, unfortunately, parents can’t always agree on a solution. When a custody battle drags out, it’s hard on everyone—you, your children and your children’s other parent. As difficult as it may be to work with your ex, you should remember that if you and your spouse can’t agree on custody and visitation, a judge will decide for you.

Detroit child custody lawyers will bring experience, advice and guidance to the proceedings. The right lawyer will offer an unemotional, unbiased point of view and help you focus on the long-term outcomes, even when you are upset, angry or frightened.

Michigan Custody Laws

In custody disputes, Michigan courts will focus on the best interests of your child or children. When arranging for Detroit custody, courts encourage joint custody arrangements when possible.

Hiring Detroit Child Custody Lawyers

While you need to hire someone quickly, you also need to hire the right person. If you haven’t been involved in a Detroit custody matter before, you can start by asking people you know for recommendations. It’s important to remember that your custody issue is as unique as your own family. Detroit custody lawyers who were effective for people you know may not be right for you. You should plan to have an in-depth meeting where you ask a lot of questions before you hire someone.

If you still need names of family law attorneys, you can use this site to connect with lawyers whether you live in Dearborn, Greektown, Grosse Pointe or elsewhere in the Detroit area. Once you provide a few pieces of information, either by using the form on this page or calling 1-877-913-7222, you will receive the name of a lawyer who handles child custody cases in Wayne County and beyond. The lawyer will contact you within two business days, or you can reach out directly at your convenience.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Detroit Custody Matter

Next, it’s time to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your Detroit custody matter. In this meeting, you will have the chance to ask a lawyer some questions and explain your case. This is also your chance to get to know the lawyer and decide if he is the right person to represent you.

You will have a lot of questions during the initial consultation, so come prepared with a list and something to take notes with. Once you explain your situation, ask the lawyer how much experience he has dealing with cases like yours. You don’t need to share all the details of your family life during the first meeting, but be honest about your relationship with your ex and your kids—your lawyer will need to understand what you are going through. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing information with the lawyer, that may be a sign that this isn’t the right person for you.

You also need to understand what and how lawyers bill. During the initial consultation, be sure to ask about the attorney’s rates and fees. You need to find a lawyer who charges a reasonable, fair amount to help you with your Detroit custody matter.

You should have a lot to think about after your meetings. Consider all the different factors, and decide which lawyer is right for you. If you still aren’t sure, follow up with references, and don’t hesitate to go back to the attorney with any questions.

Custody arrangements can impact your family for years to come. By proactively finding the right Detroit custody lawyer as soon as possible, you can begin to focus on the best arrangements for your family.