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How to Hire an Illinois Child Custody Lawyer

Understandably, a child custody dispute is an emotional and often traumatic event. As a parent, you're surely worried about the well-being of your children. But you may also be stressed over the prospect of facing your child's other parent in court. An Illinois child-custody lawyer can hold your hand and guide you through the process.

If any friends or family members have faced their own Illinois child custody disputes, they may be able to recommend their child custody lawyer. However, you may not know anyone who's used an Illinois child custody lawyer, or you may not feel comfortable asking for suggestions. If that's the case, you've come to the right place.

Whether you live in Chicago, Springfield, Aurora, Champaign or elsewhere in the state, offers a service that can connect you with Illinois custody lawyers in your area. To start the process, either fill out the form on this page or call 1-877-913-7222. We'll ask you a few simple questions about your legal needs, then connect you with an Illinois child custody lawyer in your area. That attorney will call you within two business days, or you can make contact at your convenience.

Preparing to Meeting with Illinois Child Custody Lawyers

Before committing to hire an attorney, you should take some time to learn more about the lawyer. After all, you're not just hiring an attorney because of their credentials. You're also hiring an attorney because you feel comfortable entrusting them with your case.

Most Illinois custody lawyers will offer an initial consultation, which is your opportunity to get to know the lawyer and for the lawyer to learn more about your dispute. Schedule an initial consultation with each Illinois child custody attorney you're considering for your case. Know that this meeting may be free or the attorney may charge for it. Be sure to ask in advance, so you're not taken by surprise.

Take some time before the meeting to make notes about your custody dispute. You'll want to give the attorney an overview of your case and be prepared to answer any questions he or she might have. You'll also want to interview the attorney about his or her skills and experience. Among the topics to consider discussing:

  • How much experience does the attorney have handling Illinois child custody disputes?
  • What strategy would the lawyer recommend for your particular case?
  • How does the attorney charge for his or her time, and how much could your case realistically cost?

Understand that anything you discuss during this meeting-even if you ultimately hire another lawyer-will be kept confidential.

Selecting an Illinois Child Custody Attorney

After you've met with each potential lawyer, take some time to think about each meeting. If you weren't impressed by a candidate's experience or recommendations, you'll probably want to eliminate them from consideration. Among those with the necessary skills and expertise, did any one Illinois child custody lawyer stand out? You want to hire someone you can trust and someone whose skills and experience match your needs. Once you've found that lawyer, you're ready to get to work on your child-custody dispute.