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How to Hire an Atlanta Child Custody Lawyer

Atlanta child custody cases can be difficult and emotional, and that can have an impact on the decisions you make. Hiring a family law attorney can help you protect your child custody rights in Atlanta, and make you feel that you’re doing everything you can to win your case.

Not every attorney is right for each client. Variables including experience, proposed strategy, ability to make you feel comfortable and fees all come into play as you look for a lawyer. This article will help you understand how to find a good match for yourself and your situation.

Finding a Lawyer for Your Atlanta Child Custody Case

Atlanta child custody cases require skilled lawyers who will act in your best interests—and what you believe to be the best interests of your child or children. Your first step in finding an attorney should be asking for recommendations. Check with relatives, close friends, co-workers or anyone else you trust to see if they’ve had a positive personal experience with an Atlanta child custody lawyer or family law attorney.

If this doesn’t turn up any leads, or if you simply want to include additional lawyers in your search process, can connect you with lawyers in your area. Fill out the form on this sites or call 1-877-913-7222 and answer a few questions. Then, whether you're in Atlanta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs or another Atlanta suburb, will give you contact information for at least one Atlanta divorce attorney in your area. You can contact this lawyer yourself, or he will contact you within two business days. 

Interviewing Lawyers Who Can Protect Your Child Custody Rights in Atlanta

After you’ve created a list of Atlanta child custody lawyers to consider, you need to begin the interview process. Your first meeting with a lawyer, during which you ask each other questions to determine if you’re a good fit, is called an initial consultation. Initial consultations are usually free, but confirm this when you set up the meeting so you don’t receive a surprise bill.

Prepare for the initial consultation by gathering any paperwork the attorney may ask to see. This includes anything related to your divorce, if applicable, or previous child custody agreements.

Go into the initial consultations with a list of questions for the lawyers that will help you figure out whom you want to hire. Your questions should focus on the lawyer's experience, suggested strategy, style and legal fees. In addition, be prepared to take notes on each attorney’s answers so you can review them when you’re ready to make your decision.

Which Lawyer Should You Choose?

Everything you’ve done up to this point, from asking for attorney recommendations to interviewing the lawyers, has prepared you to select an Atlanta child custody lawyer to represent you. As the final step, review your notes and see who meets all of your criteria, or at least the majority of them. Also think about how comfortable you are with this person, because you’re going to be sharing a lot of personal information with him.

If you need additional help to make your decision, feel free to ask for references. Hearing about someone else’s experience with the attorney can be the push you need to get over the fence in your decision-making process. After this, you’ll be ready to proceed with your Atlanta child custody case.