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When Should You Hire Sacramento Custody Attorneys?

If you are trying to work out a custody arrangement for your children with the other parent and you just can’t reach an agreement, it’s time to consult Sacramento custody attorneys.

Whether you are divorcing, never married or have been divorced for a while and want to change your current custody agreement, Sacramento custody attorneys can help, especially if you and the other parent can’t agree on some – or any – of the terms.

If, ultimately, you and your children’s other parent cannot come together on custody issues, a Sacramento County Superior Court judge will decide custody for you. To keep control of custody issues, it’s best if you can work out a compromise with the other parent and your Sacramento custody lawyers.

You probably already know that custody issues can be very emotionally trying times for parents. Having a Sacramento child custody attorney at your side can help you focus on the task at hand.

Different Kinds of Sacramento Custody Attorneys

If your custody disagreements arise out of a divorce proceeding, you may already have a lawyer assisting you. But even if you don’t, it is possible to hire a lawyer just for one aspect of the divorce, such as dividing the property or determining custody of the children. This is called limited representation.

Limited representation may be an option for you if you believe you cannot afford an attorney to handle all the divorce proceedings. Generally, limited representation costs less than employing an attorney to oversee all the details of the divorce.

It is also possible to hire what is called a collaborative attorney. The role of the collaborative attorney is to find common ground between you and the other parent, resulting in a custody agreement you can both live with.

Collaborative attorneys are hired to bring about this cooperative atmosphere. If you and the other parent still cannot agree on custody issues, then you will have to hire new Sacramento custody attorneys to represent you before the judge hearing your case.

Finally, it’s possible to hire a Sacramento child custody lawyer on a limited basis. This is called a consulting attorney. If you want to hire a consulting attorney, it’s important to understand the exact roles you expect the lawyer to play. For example, you may want the lawyer to only:

  • Help you devise a negotiating strategy that you put into motion on your own
  • Teach you how to present an argument in court
  • Accompany you to mediation
  • Review agreements before signing them

It is extremely important to outline the duties of a consulting attorney so that there will be no misunderstandings down the line.

Finding a Sacrament Child Custody Lawyer

If you’ve decided you can’t face your custody battle without a lawyer, then you need to take the steps to find one. First, gather the names of some Sacramento child custody attorneys. Ask your friends, family members and acquaintances for some referrals. Or you can use the service at to connect you with a custody lawyer near you, whether you are in Little Pocket, North City Farms or any other part of the city.

Interview at least one attorney before hiring someone. Ask lots of questions about the attorney’s background, experience, knowledge of the law, approach to custody battles, legal fees and specific advice for you. All of this is fair game during a first meeting with a lawyer, called an initial consultation.

Then, after you have interviewed the Sacramento custody attorneys on your list, choose the one who had the best experience, best advice and made you most comfortable. Break any ties by calling former clients and getting some first-hand feedback about what it was like working with these attorneys.

With the future of your children on the line, you want the very best Sacramento child custody lawyer you can find. When you’ve hired your lawyer, you are ready to work out a custody agreement.