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How to Hire a San Diego Custody Attorney

When parents split up, there are a lot of things to think about, and that may include finding a San Diego custody attorney. A child custody attorney can help you and your kids through the legal system and make sure your family gets the best possible custody arrangement. But if you have never hired a family law attorney before, you may not be sure how to do it. Here, we will explain how to find and choose a custody lawyer.

California Custody Law

A knowledgeable San Diego custody attorney will assist you through the court process, explain your options and advocate on your behalf.

In California custody cases, the courts usually prefer to have parents share custody unless it will hurt the child. The courts will also consider the best interests of the child when determining custody.

Finding a San Diego Custody Attorney

You can ask people you know who have been through San Diego child custody cases if they can suggest a lawyer. These types of recommendations can be valuable since you can already get a sense of the attorney before you even meet him.

At, we can also help connect you with San Diego child custody lawyers, whether you live in La Jolla, Coronado, Ocean Beach or elsewhere in the San Diego area. You can complete the short form on this page or, if you prefer, you can talk to us at 1-877-913-7222. We’ll ask you a few short questions, and then we can provide you with the name of one or more family law attorneys. You can reach out right away, or the attorney will contact you within two business days.

Meeting with Attorneys

No matter how highly a lawyer comes recommended, you should always meet with an attorney before hiring him. When it comes to child custody, you need a lawyer you feel comfortable with. There may be excellent attorneys you just don’t click with, and you won’t know unless you sit down with the lawyer and ask a lot of questions.

Your chance to meet with the lawyer is called the initial consultation. Initial consultations are usually free, but you should double check when you make the appointment.

Before the meeting, think of a list of questions to ask and bring something to write down the answers with. You should ask the lawyer about his experience. Find out how long he has been practicing law, and how many cases like yours he has handled.

Ask about the custody process in California. Find out what steps are involved and what you will need to do at every stage. You will need to know what your rights are during the process and what will happen to your kids while the case is working its way through the system.

Talk with the lawyer about different strategies. Even the most amicable splits can be very emotional, particularly where your kids are concerned. Make sure the lawyer understands your position and goals as they relate to your ex and your kids’ physical and legal custody. A lawyer may not be able to discuss your case specifically before you hire him, but you can ask general questions.

The lawyer’s fees are another topic you need to ask about. Lawyers can charge different types of rates and those rates can vary a lot. So be sure that you understand exactly what and how the lawyer charges.

Also ask for references, so you can follow up later with those people if you want another opinion. You can talk to the references to find out about the lawyer’s approach, experience and attitudes. Ask what they liked about the lawyer and what they wish he had done differently.

Picking a San Diego Custody Lawyer

After your initial consultations, it’s time to hire a San Diego custody attorney. Think about the pros and cons of each lawyer, and decide which one will be the best fit for you.

Your child custody case may be one of the most important legal issues you are ever involved with. The right attorney will give you confidence and allow you to focus on the well-being of your kids and your family throughout the custody process.