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How to Hire a Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re having financial difficulty, you can be sure you’re not alone. Many people are finding it hard to make ends meet, and declaring bankruptcy can help to set things right. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer can provide the skill and experience you need to help you navigate this complex area of law. This article will explain some ways you can find and hire a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer.

How to find a Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer

Often, someone you know can recommend a lawyer. Ask friends and family members for personal recommendations, and get their opinions. Find out what they liked about their attorney, what they didn’t like and if they’d hire that attorney again. also provides a quick and easy way to find a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer. Simply complete the form on this site, or call 1-877-913-7222. Answer some straightforward questions and we'll provide you with the name of at least one bankruptcy lawyer in your area. The attorney will contact you within two business days, or you can call the lawyer immediately.

What to Look For in a Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are many important qualities you want to have in your bankruptcy attorney. Experience is very important, but you also want an attorney who will be a trusted and understanding advisor throughout your case. Make sure that your attorney:

  • Has deep experience with consumer bankruptcy, including Dallas Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Dallas Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Is familiar with the bankruptcy court and staff, as well as the other people who may be involved in your case
  • Has a solid and understandable strategy for your case
  • Understands your situation, offers helpful advice and makes you feel comfortable
  • Has reasonable rates

The Initial Consultation

Once you have a list of potential attorneys, it’s time to find out which one is right for you.

Schedule an initial consultation with each of the attorneys on your list. The initial consultation—a preliminary meeting with an attorney—is where you get to know a lawyer, ask questions and learn about bankruptcy. The first meeting is usually free, although some attorneys may charge a small fee.

Documents help an attorney understand your case, so bring financial statements, letters from creditors, legal notices and other items related to your financial situation.

You probably have a number of questions about bankruptcy. Take some time before each consultation and write them down, and also think of questions that will help you learn about the attorney. Helpful topics include:

  • The attorney’s education and professional memberships
  • The attorney’s usual area of legal practice and types of cases
  • The attorney’s experience with Dallas Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Dallas Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • What you need to know about bankruptcy, and the legal strategy the attorney will use
  • The rate and fee structure

You may ask questions on other topics, and you may also ask for client references. Both are helpful in deciding if you are comfortable with an attorney. Be sure to take notes during your meeting, so you can review them later when it’s time to select an attorney.

Hiring a Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

When the initial consultations are complete, look over your notes and remember how you felt about each attorney. If you can’t decide, call an attorney’s references and get their personal opinions. Do whatever you need to feel confident in your choice of attorney. When you’ve made your decision, contact that attorney and ask what you need to do to become a client.