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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re a Dallas resident facing bankruptcy, it’s important to find the right Dallas bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is an important decision, and it’s critical to have a trusted advocate on your side during this difficult time. The experience and advice of a Dallas consumer bankruptcy attorney will ensure your case is handled correctly and you get the best possible result.

Finding a Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

There are many ways to find a qualified Dallas bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Ask family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations
  • Get recommendations from an attorney you know or have hired before
  • Use to locate a bankruptcy attorney in the Dallas area

When your research is done, make a list of attorneys and arrange for an initial consultation with each. An initial consultation is a meeting with an attorney before they represent you. During the consultation, you can explain your situation, ask questions, find out about the attorney’s experience and learn about the bankruptcy process.

Factors for Evaluating a Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

During your consultation, it’s essential to ask questions, and there are several subject areas that you should discuss. These topics are listed below, but remember that you need to be confident in your attorney. Don’t be afraid to ask about anything else that matters to you.


First, ask about the attorney’s experience with Dallas consumer bankruptcy. Attorney experience can be vital to the result of your case. Your attorney must have a complete understanding of bankruptcy law, have handled many similar cases, and have experience in the court that will hear your case.

Legal Fees

Also ask how much your case will cost. A Dallas consumer bankruptcy attorney will typically charge in one of two ways: An hourly rate or a flat fee. Though it may not be possible to get an exact price, it’s important to know the attorney’s hourly rate (or the flat fee, if used) and expenses, including what expenses are and are not included in the fees. Part of the fee structure may include an initial payment, or retainer, so be sure to ask. It’s also worth asking if the firm offers payment plans to make the fees more manageable.

Legal Strategy

A Dallas consumer bankruptcy attorney should have a clear strategy for handling your case, and explain it fully to you. Make sure you understand the legal process, the decisions that need to be made and what the attorney is trying to achieve on your behalf. Ask yourself if the approach is realistic and likely to achieve your goals, and know the possible outcomes of the approach, both good and bad.

Fairness, Confidence & Trust

These factors all go to your level of comfort with the attorney. Do you feel that he has your best interests in mind? Is the lawyer working for you not just as an attorney, but as an advisor? Are you respected as a client?

Consider and compare these factors for each attorney you meet, take some time and review your notes. What did you like about each Dallas bankruptcy lawyer? Who made you the most comfortable and confident? Who is affordable? If you asked for references, their opinions may also help you make a decision.

Filing bankruptcy is never easy, but a Dallas consumer bankruptcy attorney can make the process much simpler. A little time and the right questions will help you get the legal representation you deserve.