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How to Find a Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are struggling to pay your bills and creditors are hounding you for money you don’t have, you may be thinking about filing for bankruptcy. If you don’t have much experience hiring attorneys and have questions about how to find the right one, this article will explain how to find and choose a Cleveland bankruptcy attorney.

What to Look for in a Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorney

You will need an attorney who has a lot of experience with Ohio consumer bankruptcy filings. You should look for an attorney who has helped many other people with their Cleveland Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.

You also need a lawyer who charges reasonable fees and understands your goals with your bankruptcy. It’s important to also feel comfortable with your lawyer and trust his advice and judgment.

Finding Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys

The next step is to find Cleveland bankruptcy attorneys to meet with. You can start by asking people you know if they have any recommendations. If friends, relatives and coworkers have used someone for their own bankruptcy proceeding, ask what they thought of the attorney and if they would hire that person again.

If you haven’t received any good recommendations or if you would like to get another name, we at can help. By providing just a few pieces of information, we can connect you with an attorney, whether you live in North Olmsted, Lyndhurst, University Circle or elsewhere in the Cleveland area. After you fill out the short form on this page or call 1-877-913-7222 and answer a few simple questions, we will provide you with the name of an attorney who handles consumer bankruptcy cases. The lawyer will contact you within two business days, or you can reach out to him at your convenience.

Meeting with Attorneys

The next step in finding a Cleveland bankruptcy attorney involves meeting with lawyers and asking them a lot questions. The initial consultation is your chance to talk with lawyers, explain your situation and get a feeling for which one is the best one to hire.

Prepare for your initial consultation by bringing information about your financial situation. This can include income tax returns, bank statements, credit card bills, medical bills, foreclosure notices and letters from creditors.

You should also be prepared with a list of questions and bring along some writing material so you can take notes. Focus your questions on topics that help you decide whether to hire the attorney.

Ask the attorney about his experience with bankruptcy cases, particularly in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Ohio. Find out what types of fees he will charge to process your consumer bankruptcy.

He may not be able to offer specific legal advice before you hire him, but ask general questions about how bankruptcy proceedings work, and the advantages and disadvantages of different types of consumer bankruptcy filings.

During the meeting, try to get a sense of whether you trust this lawyer and his advice. After the initial consultation, jot down some notes about your impressions so you can refer back to them later.

Hiring a Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

Now, it’s time to think about which lawyer seems the best qualified, makes you comfortable and charges reasonable fees. If you still aren’t sure, ask the attorneys for references and talk to those people about their experiences. Find out what they liked about their Cleveland bankruptcy attorney and what they would have done differently if they had the chance.

Filing for consumer bankruptcy is a big decision. Once you hire the right attorney to help you with your proceeding, you can begin to focus on your fresh financial start.