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How to Hire a North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyer

Finding a North Carolina bankruptcy attorney is not difficult once you know where to look. You may be surprised to discover that you already have several resources at hand for finding the best bankruptcy attorney for you.

If you can't put an end to the collectors' phone calls and the past-due notices, it may be exactly the right time to talk to a North Carolina bankruptcy attorney. This article will offer practical tips for finding one.

Finding a North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

There are several ways of finding a bankruptcy attorney in North Carolina to handle your filing.

If you have a friend, family member, or colleague who's previously filed for bankruptcy in North Carolina, ask that person if he or she would recommend his or her attorney. First-hand feedback can be invaluable. Your tax preparer may know an attorney as well.

If you're reluctant to share your financial struggles with people you know or if you just want another name to round out your list of potential lawyers, can also help. Whether you are in Raleigh or Charlotte or any other part of North Carolina, offers a service that can connect you to a North Carolina bankruptcy attorney in your area.

When you are ready to begin the process, give us a call at 1-877-913-7222 or fill out the short form on this web site. After answering a few questions, we'll pass along the name and contact information of at least one North Carolina bankruptcy lawyer near you. You may contact the attorney directly, or he or she will call you within two business days.

Now that you have the name of at least one North Carolina bankruptcy lawyer, you should call each one to set up a brief introductory meeting, called an initial consultation. You can accomplish several goals at this meeting, including:

  • Learning about the attorney's experience, background, and skills
  • Discussing your bankruptcy options
  • Determining whether you want this attorney representing you

Many bankruptcy lawyers in North Carolina offer their time at an initial consultation free of charge or for a small fee. Ask about this when you call to make the appointments.

Preparing to Meet with a North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyer

You'll want to do several things to prepare for the initial consultation.

Take a moment to consider the qualities you'd like to see in a North Carolina bankruptcy lawyer who represents you. You'd probably want to see such qualities as:

  • Experience: You want someone who has a solid background representing North Carolina clients filing bankruptcy
  • Knowledge: You want someone who is well versed in federal and North Carolina bankruptcy laws
  • Fairness: You want someone who charges a reasonable fee for services
  • Confidence-building: You want someone whose advice and judgment you can trust
  • Compatibility: You want someone you can see yourself working closely with for several months

If you have any special requirements, such as a lawyer who can meet on weekends or one who speaks another language, you should include those on your list of qualities you're seeking.

With those requirements in mind, you'll also want to create a list of questions to ask the attorney during the initial consultation. Remember that the purpose of the meeting is to decide whether to hire the lawyer. Focus your questions on topics that will help you with that decision. Some relevant topics to discuss are:

  • How much experience the attorney has representing consumers filing bankruptcy in North Carolina
  • Your bankruptcy options, such as under which chapter you should file, which debts will be erased, and which property you can keep
  • How much you can expect to pay in legal fees and related expenses
  • Because bankruptcy filings can be complicated, it is helpful to the lawyers if you can organize your financial records before you meet. Try to collect and bring with you:

    • A list of past and present debts
    • A list of any property you own and how much money you have in bank accounts, stocks, or retirement accounts
    • A copy of the deed to your house, if you own one
    • Proof of your income, such as past tax returns or current paycheck stubs

    Meeting with a North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney

    Bring to the meeting your financial documents, the written list of questions, and some writing material to record the answers and any impressions you have.

    As you talk with a North Carolina bankruptcy attorney, do not hold back any information or be less than honest in answering any questions. Bankruptcy lawyers in North Carolina are bound by strict confidentiality rules that prevent them from disclosing anything discussed at an initial consultation. Even if you end up hiring someone else, all attorneys you meet with for initial consultations will keep your information private.

    Selecting a North Carolina Bankruptcy Lawyer

    After wrapping up the meeting, think back to the qualities you're looking for in an attorney. Then ask yourself a few questions:

    • Does this lawyer have the background and experience I need?
    • How confident am I in the advice given and judgment demonstrated?
    • Are the legal fees reasonable?
    • How comfortable am I with this attorney?

    When you are done interviewing the North Carolina bankruptcy attorneys on your list, it's time to hire one. If you only met with one and he or she was eminently qualified or if you met with several but one rose to the top, then your decision is not a tough one.

    If you have several solid candidates, ask each one for the name and contact information of a past client. Call these clients to get some real-world input on working with their lawyers. Their opinions should help you narrow the field to your one, best choice.

    Once you hire a North Carolina bankruptcy attorney, you are ready to bring the collectors' calls and past-due notices to a halt.