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How to Hire a Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer

Financial difficulty can take a tremendous toll on your life. If the stress and pressure of trying to make ends meet is getting to be too much, you may be considering bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a complicated and detailed area of law, and you shouldn’t go it alone. A Detroit bankruptcy lawyer can help you get the fresh start you need.

Bankruptcy was created to help people in your situation get rid of their debt, preserve their essential possessions, and start over. There are two main types of consumer bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A Detroit Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to discharge—remove— most types of debt and start fresh. A Detroit Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires you to repay a percentage of your debt over time and discharge the rest.

When you hire a Detroit bankruptcy lawyer, you’ll have an advocate who knows the law and can tell you which of these choices is best for you. If you haven’t hired a lawyer before, finding one may seem difficult. This article will help you through the process, highlight qualities you should look for in an attorney, and suggest where you can find a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer.

Important Qualities in a Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer

The right attorney can make your bankruptcy filing go smoothly and put you on the road to recovery. Look for the following qualities in a Detroit bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Experience with both Detroit Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Detroit Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Familiarity with the federal court, judges and staff who will be involved in your case
  • Reasonable and affordable legal fees
  • A sensible approach and strategy for your case

In addition, it’s very important that the attorney makes you feel confident in his leadership and abilities.

How to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Consider finding an attorney by:

  • Asking family, friends and co-workers for recommendations, and following up their recommendations with questions. Ask about the quality of the attorney’s work, the result of their case, and whether they’d use the attorney again.
  • Using to find a bankruptcy attorney in the Detroit area. The process is simple. To begin, complete the online form or call 1-877-913-7222. Answer a few simple questions, and will provide you with the name and contact information for at least one bankruptcy attorney near you. You can then call the lawyer directly, or the lawyer will contact you within two business days

Interviewing Bankruptcy Attorneys

The next step is to see which attorney on your list is the best choice. Before you hire an attorney, call each one and schedule an initial consultation. The consultation is a meeting between you and the attorney, and they are free with most Detroit bankruptcy attorneys.

Before the meeting, gather your financial documents, any legal or collection notices you’ve received and information on your creditors. These will help the attorney assess your case.

During the meeting, you tell the attorney about your situation, get their opinion and find out how to proceed. You should ask questions about the attorney’s experience, approach and legal fees. Be sure to ask follow-up and any additional questions that are important to you.

The more information you gather about the attorney and the law, the better prepared you will be to choose an attorney.

Choosing an Attorney

When the consultations are over, take some time to consider the strong points of each attorney. Which had the experience to represent you well? Who put you at ease and made you feel secure in their representation? Which had the most reasonable fees? All these factors should be part of your decision.

If you can’t decide, you may ask each attorney for recommendations. Some attorneys will provide you with the names and contact information for past clients. You may contact those clients and get their opinion on the attorney, the results of their case and whether they’d use the attorney again.

Then choose an attorney and move ahead with your case, knowing you are on the road to being out of debt and back on solid ground.