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When Should You Hire a Los Angeles Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If the collectors’ calls and mounting bills have you thinking about contacting a Los Angeles consumer bankruptcy attorney, you should trust your instincts. Talking to an attorney can help you figure out what is best in your situation.

Why Hire a Los Angeles Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy is very complicated. Although it’s possible to navigate the bankruptcy process on your own, it is not advisable. While bankruptcy filings are lodged in federal court, state laws also come into play regarding which property qualifies for protection from liquidation and which doesn’t. Hiring a Los Angeles consumer bankruptcy lawyer will save you from having to take a crash course in what is a very detailed, difficult area of law.

In addition, you can choose between two main types of bankruptcy filings: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. A Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney can look at your financial situation and offer the best recommendation for you.

There are many deadlines you have to meet to see a bankruptcy to conclusion. A Los Angeles consumer bankruptcy lawyer will make sure you hit all your bankruptcy deadlines so that your filing is not dismissed.

Finally, bankruptcy can also be a very emotionally exhausting time. Having a knowledgeable resource like a bankruptcy lawyer at your service can help you focus on making wise decisions.

When Should You Hire a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney?

You can talk to a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney about your options without having to commit to filing bankruptcy. Many LA bankruptcy lawyers will chat with you briefly at a meeting called an initial consultation. You can accomplish a lot at these meetings, such as:

  • Learn about the lawyer’s background and experience filing bankruptcies
  • Discuss your current financial situation and explore various options
  • Decide whether you want to go forward filing bankruptcy
  • Determine whether you would want this attorney representing you

If you put off making a decision about bankruptcy, you could face foreclosure of your home and/or repossession of your car. Filing bankruptcy can protect these assets for you. You can also stop any threats to cut off your utilities and any state proceedings against you.

At the same time, it’s possible to file bankruptcy too soon. For example, if you have recently purchased luxury items, a trustee – the person assigned to oversee your bankruptcy – is likely to void the purchases of any luxury items you may have bought within 90 days of your bankruptcy filing. You may also lose any property that has recently been transferred to you.

Your Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer can best advise you on the timing of your filing.

Hiring a Los Angeles Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’ve decided to file bankruptcy with the help of an attorney, make sure you feel comfortable with your choice. At the initial consultation, notice if the attorney is patient with your questions. Does the lawyer offer sound advice? Do you have confidence in him?

You are not married to the first lawyer you meet in an initial consultation. You may interview several, asking them questions about their background and experience. You’ll also want to know about their legal fees. Location may influence the cost. The going rate for a bankruptcy attorney in Brentwood may be different than that of a counterpart in Carson.

If you’re torn between several attorneys, ask for the contact information for several former clients. Call them to get some first-hand feedback about what it was like working with their lawyer. Their input should help you narrow down your choice.

Once you have hired a Los Angeles consumer bankruptcy lawyer, you are on your way to stopping the collector calls and shrinking the pile of bills.