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How to Find a San Francisco Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’ve had trouble paying your bills and your financial situation isn’t improving, you may need the help of a San Francisco consumer bankruptcy lawyer. There are many decisions to make and rules to follow in bankruptcy, and hiring the right attorney is key to success. This article will help you find and hire the right attorney for you.

Finding a San Francisco Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you need help finding an attorney, there are two simple ways to get started.

First, ask the people close to you if they have used a bankruptcy lawyer in the past. If they have, ask some questions that will help you decide if you should contact the attorney:

  • Did they file a San Francisco Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a San Francisco Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
  • What is their opinion of the attorney?
  • Were they happy with the attorney’s work?
  • Would they recommend the attorney to others?

If you don’t want to discuss your personal business with friends and family, can’t get a good recommendation or simply want to have more options, let us help. From the South Bay to Walnut Creek, can help you find a San Francisco consumer bankruptcy lawyer. Just complete our online form or call 1-877-913-7222. We’ll ask you some simple questions and then put you in touch with at least one lawyer in your area. You can call them yourself, or the attorney will call you within two business days.

When you have the names of an attorney or several who look good to you, the next step is to schedule a meeting. The first meeting with an attorney is called an initial consultation. The consultation is a meeting between you and the attorney before you have hired him.

The purpose of the initial consultation is for you to:

  • Get an early opinion on your case, learn about bankruptcy and explore your options
  • Learn about the attorney's experience and working style
  • Gather information to help you make a hiring decision

Although most initial consultations are free, be sure to ask when you set up the appointment.

What to Look for in a San Francisco Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

You’ll get the most out of your initial consultation if you are well prepared. Consider what you’d like to learn about the attorney and your case, and prepare questions which will get you that information.

You should look for an attorney who:

  • Is experienced with bankruptcy law
  • Has helped many clients with consumer bankruptcy, including San Francisco Chapter 7 bankruptcy and San Francisco Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Clearly explains the bankruptcy process and presents helpful options and opinions
  • Is compatible with you
  • Charges a reasonable fee

Ask about these important points as well as any others that will help you make a decision. Your meeting will be the most productive if the attorney understands your case.

Before your consultation, collect any documents that show:

  • What you own, including your home and vehicles
  • What you owe and to whom
  • Household income
  • Legal or collection actions against you

Bring these documents and any other related paperwork with you, and be ready to take notes during the meeting.

The Initial Consultation

During the consultation, ask your questions and answer the attorney’s questions. The meeting is confidential, so you can speak freely about all topics. Your honesty will help the attorney give you a good opinion of your case. Remember that the consultation will help you decide on an attorney, so gather as much information as you can about each San Francisco consumer bankruptcy lawyer.

When you complete your consultations, review your notes and think about how the attorneys matched your requirements. If one attorney is a good professional and personal fit, you’ll be ready to proceed. If you’re having trouble deciding between attorneys or aren’t convinced that a particular attorney is right, ask each attorney for references. Many lawyers will give you the names of past clients, and their opinions can help you make a choice.

When you’re confident in your choice, hire the attorney and move forward with your case.