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How to Find an Oregon Auto Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, you need to hire an Oregon auto accident attorney. Retaining a lawyer can be a scary process if you’ve never hired one before. This article will offer guidance on how to find a personal injury lawyer who represents auto accident injury victims.

Finding an Oregon Auto Accident Attorney

Before you hire an attorney, you first have to identify potential candidates.

A good way to gather names of Oregon auto accident attorneys is to ask friends, family members or business associates if they've previously worked with an Oregon personal injury lawyer. Personal recommendations are a good resource because you can obtain feedback on a lawyer. Were they happy with how the lawyer represented them? How did the lawyer charge for services? Is the lawyer worth hiring again?

If you’d rather find an auto accident attorney on your own or would like the names of a few more possible lawyers, check out the internet. Whether you live in Portland, Salem, Gresham or Corvallis, Oregon, can connect you with at least one Oregon auto accident attorney in your area. All you have to do is fill out the form on this site or call 1-877-913-7222. After answering a few questions, we will provide you with the name of at least one car accident lawyer. You can call the personal injury lawyer directly, or the attorney will contact you within two business days.

An Oregon Auto Accident Attorney’s Experience

Because Oregon car crash cases can be complex, you need an attorney experienced in the state’s personal injury laws. An experienced lawyer can discuss your legal options and devise a good legal strategy. The lawyer will know the Oregon court system and key players in the justice system. The lawyer will know whether to a negotiate settlement or sue for damages. He can also deal with insurance claims.

In addition, a lawyer should charge reasonable rates. Plus, you should feel comfortable with the auto accident attorney you ultimately hire.

Scheduling and Preparing for an Initial Consultation

The next step toward hiring an experienced attorney is to schedule an initial consultation. An initial consultation is the first meeting between you and the lawyer. During this meeting you will discuss your car crash case with the lawyer, ask questions, listen to his legal advice and determine if the lawyer is worth hiring.

An initial consultation does not obligate you to hire the lawyer. It’s just the time to see if the lawyer is a good overall fit. Normally, lawyers do not charge for an initial consultation, but confirm this when scheduling the appointment.

After you’ve scheduled at least one appointment, take time to prepare for the meeting. Collect any important documents relating to your case. These include:

  • Car accident report
  • Medical records
  • Medical bills

If possible, bring photos of the car accident scene and the damaged car, as well as any pictures of your own injuries.

In addition, write down the details of the car accident, including how it happened. Include the names, phone numbers and addresses of witnesses, police officers at the scene of the accident and insurance company representatives.

Then compile a list of questions to ask the attorney. Questions should focus on a lawyer’s experience and education. Use the questions to also ask about your case and his assessment on how the case should proceed. In addition, ask questions to get a better handle on his management style and billing rates.

Lastly, bring writing materials to take notes and write down the contact information of references.

Selecting & Hiring an Oregon Auto Accident Attorney

After meeting with a few Oregon auto accident attorneys, sit back and review your notes to determine which lawyer is the one for you. Ask yourself:

  • Who had the most experience?
  • Who charged the most reasonable rates?
  • Who had the best strategy for handling my case?
  • Which case management style did I like best?
  • Which lawyer am I most comfortable with?

If one lawyer still doesn’t stand out, call the references and ask about their experiences with the lawyer. Were they satisfied with how their case was handled? Would they hire the attorney again? Their input could help you choose a lawyer.

After you have reviewed the lawyers’ qualifications and called references, select a lawyer and proceed with your case.