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Kansas Officials to Study Dangerous Section of Highway K-10

An interchange on Kansas State Road 10 near Eudora, Kan., will be studied for safety reasons after a double fatality at the location last month. K-10's Church Street interchange in Eudora has been the site of numerous accidents since 2000. The latest involved a head-on collision, when a Toyota Camry crossed the median and collided with a minivan carrying two adults and two children. The driver of the Toyota and one of the children in the minivan were killed.

Numerous Incidents

Since 2000, there have been 10 cross-median crashes near the Church Street interchange, resulting in 11 fatalities. When compared to 89 similar crashes causing 104 deaths statewide during the same time period, the Eudora interchange accounts for an extremely high percentage. The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDot) has vowed to closely study the location. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has requested KDot to reopen a 2008 study in which KDot found that cable median barriers were not warranted for the area.

Controversial Study

Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson doesn't agree with the study. "I would like to the see the cable barrier installed, or some type of barrier," noted Mayor Hopson after a 90-minute meeting of city and county officials along the questioned section of K-10. "I also asked that the information from [the] previous study be updated. We want to mainly get all the information we can." Mayor Hopson has also invited representatives of neighboring Lawrence and DeSoto to join an advisory committee on installing cable barriers from Lawrence all the way to Interstate 435 near DeSoto.

Safety Measures

KDot is presently preparing to widen the shoulders of K-10 along with installing rumble strips in the area. Local residents appear dissatisfied with this, and the amount of time it's taking for safety measures to be installed. Approximately 70 people participated in a candlelight vigil, outside the meeting for the five-year-old child who died in the latest auto accident. Mayor Hopson also believes that two fatal accidents at the location since August 2010 warrant further investigation. "No one around this table has the answer has the answer," said Hopson. "It's going to take all of us to figure it out."

Source: The Lawrence Journal-World