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Third Accident on Queensboro Bridge Off-Ramp in Same Location

Another Serious Car Accident In New York

Calls for action are growing louder with the occurrence of a third serious automobile accident on the Queensboro Bridge at the exact same location. The double-decked, 102-year-old span, also known as the 59th Street Bridge, carries approximately 200,000 vehicles per day over New York City's East River, making it one of the most traveled bridges in the world. Yet one part of it is quickly gaining a reputation as the most dangerous.

Location Has Become Notorious For Accidents 

The location that is causing all the trouble is an exit ramp on the Queens side of the bridge that links the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens in New York City. In less than two months, three vehicles have taken flight off this exit ramp, landing on cars and businesses below. The latest auto accident occurred on May 14, when a Volkswagen hit a concrete barrier, left the ramp, and landed on top of a parked car. The parked car was occupied at the time; fortunately its occupants were not injured. The driver and passenger of the Volkswagen were taken to a local hospital with injuries reported as minor.

Pedestrian Fatality Recently Reported

Similar accidents occurred on March 28 and April 6 this year. A pedestrian was killed in the March accident. A representative of the New York City Department of Transportation stated that measures were taken after the first two accidents to minimize further accidents at the ramp. "Safety is our first priority, and the city recently added signs to remind motorists of the bridge's 30 mph speed limit, installed rumble strips and 20 mph advisory signs, and added yellow flashers to the curve warning signs that were already posted along the off-ramp."

Yet the problems continue at the off-ramp, and Queens residents are not pleased about the frequency of cars flying off the exit ramp. "The city needs to do something about it, maybe reconstruct or direct the traffic into another lane or something. They gotta do something. It's too dangerous," complained one borough resident. However, according to the Department of Transportation, the cause of this latest accident was speeding. The DOT did note that it plans to undertake further studies to make the ramp safer. In the meantime, beware of flying cars at the Queens end of the Queensboro Bridge.