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How to Hire a Kansas City Injury Attorney

Injuries from a car accident can result in medical bills and other expenses that call for the help of a Kansas City injury attorney. If the other driver was at fault and you’re having trouble getting the money you deserve, you may benefit from having a Kansas City accident attorney on your side.

The type of lawyer you’ll be looking for is a Kansas City personal injury attorney. These lawyers handle more than auto accident cases, but that’s one area many focus on. If you’ve never had to hire a personal injury lawyer before, you’ll want to read this article to learn about finding a lawyer who’s a good fit for you.

What to Look for in a Kansas City Injury Attorney

What should you look for in a Kansas City personal injury attorney? Some criteria may be obvious, even to someone who’s never needed an attorney before now. A good track record? Always a positive thing. Reasonable fees? Another plus. But you also should look for specifics that make you feel that this is the attorney to handle your case.

First, look at logistics. If you live in the Northland, for instance, you most likely wouldn’t hire an attorney with office space in South KC. While it’s true that most communication doesn’t have to occur in person, proximity does matter for meetings and any court appearances.

Another consideration is related experience. It does you no good to find a Kansas City injury attorney who’s close by if he doesn’t have experience with cases similar to yours. Although all cases are different, a Kansas City accident attorney who is familiar with cases like yours will have a head start on strategizing and should be able to tell you how your case might move forward.

Although you may put more emphasis on other areas, you don’t want to ignore the personal side of things. It’s important to feel at ease with the lawyer and be confident that he’s worthy of your trust.

When you find a Kansas City personal injury attorney who meets these and other criteria, you’ll know you’ve found the right lawyer.

Now That You Know What You Want, Find It

How do you find a new doctor? Hair stylist? Repair technician? Many people ask their friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers for recommendations. You may want to start your search for a Kansas City injury attorney there as well. Find out if your source would recommend the attorney, whether the fees were reasonable, and what the person liked and disliked about the lawyer. Realize, though, that just because a lawyer was right for your friend’s situation doesn’t ensure he’ll be right for yours. You’ll need to get more information before you can decide that. is another great way to find a Kansas City personal injury attorney. All you have to do is fill out the form on this site or call 1-877-913-7222, then answer a few questions. will use the information you provide to connect you with at least one lawyer in your area. You’ll get a call from the lawyer or lawyers within two business days, or you can contact them at your convenience.

Gathering the Information You Need

The best way to find out everything you need to know about each Kansas City accident attorney on your list is to ask questions—and a lot of them. The time to do that is during your initial consultations. An initial consultation is the first meeting you have with an attorney before you've hired him. It gives you the opportunity to see if the attorney meets your criteria and to share the details of your case with the attorney. The purpose of this meeting is to decide if the lawyer is the right person to handle your case.

Although attorneys typically offer initial consultations at no charge, ask if there’s a fee when you schedule your appointments.

Before your initial consultation, gather documents such as doctors’ reports, the accident report, medical bills, witness statements and anything else that provides important details about your case. Also create a list of questions for the attorney. Cover all the topics we’ve already mentioned here—experience, fees, potential strategy—as well as others such as education, number of years in practice and professional memberships. You won’t remember all the answers later, so be sure to take notes during the meeting.

Selecting the Right Kansas City Injury Attorney to Represent You

With the research and initial consultations behind you, you can now focus on deciding which Kansas City injury attorney will represent you. Think about your reaction to each lawyer, and review your notes on the lawyers’ qualifications. Weigh skills and experience against attributes like personality and character; the goal is to find someone you believe to be the whole package.

If you want one more piece of information, you can ask the lawyers to provide you with references. Your decision may be easier after talking to some of the lawyers’ current or past clients.

While this process may take some time and effort, it’s worth it to find a Kansas City accident attorney who will help you get the best possible outcome.