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How to Select Among Auto Accident Attorneys

If youve been in an car accident and have sustained injury to your vehicle, yourself, or both, youll want to know how to select among all of the auto accident attorneys in your area. In order to choose one who can get you the best injury settlement, youll have to do your homework and ask the right questions.

Selecting Local Auto Accident Attorneys

To begin your search, you can ask friends for recommendations or use a service like to locate auto accident attorneys in your area. Focus on identifying attorneys who are:

  • Experienced in handling car accident settlements and trials
  • Able to answer your questions thoroughly and to your satisfaction

Questions to Ask Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto accident attorneys usually are lawyers who focus on handling personal injury cases. This means they will be seeking money or monetary damages to compensate you for any physical or psychological harm you may have experienced.

Damages for which you may be compensated include medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium (or ability to have sexual relations with your partner), lost income, and property damage. The legal issues your attorney must address include proof of liability or misconduct, the scope and extent of your injuries, and proof of damages.

To ensure the lawyer you hire is competent to handle a case involving these elements, ask questions including the following:

  • What experience does the attorney have with auto accident cases?
  • Has he or she handled matters similar to yours? If so, approximately how many?
  • What are the possible outcomes of your case?
  • What are the options for resolving the matter?
  • How does the attorney charge for his or her time, when will he or she bill you, and what is an approximate total for your bill, including fees and expenses?
  • Can the fee be reduced by having junior attorneys or paralegals handle any of the work?
  • How will the lawyer communicate with you about progress on the case?
  • Approximately how long should the case take to resolve?


When someone is killed or severely injured in an auto accident, or if at least one of the drivers involved was intoxicated when the accident took place, the state likely will prosecute the person at fault. Even when this occurs, if the insurance company representing the driver at fault does not offer a large enough monetary settlement, you will have to file a personal injury lawsuit. Just as with any lawsuit seeking damages, you stand the highest chance of receiving the auto accident injury settlement youre seeking if you have a top-notch lawyer on your side.