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How to Hire Auto Accident Lawyers

If you have had the misfortune of being in a car crash recently, auto accident lawyers may be able to help you. If you are suffering from injuries that have led to costly medical bills, you may want to hire an auto accident attorney in your city.

How to Find an Auto Accident Lawyer

If you know someone else who was recently in a car accident and had to hire a lawyer, you might want to if he or she would recommend his or her lawyer. But if you're uncomfortable asking for a recommendation, you are on the right site. has a service to connect you with local auto accident lawyersin your city

You can either complete the form on this page or call 1-877-913-7222 when you're ready to start the process of hiring an auto accident attorney. Once you have answered some questions about your case, we will give you the contact information for one or more auto accident attorneys in your city. He or she will call you within two business days, or you can follow up yourself.

Meeting with Auto Accident Lawyers

After you have the names of several auto accidents lawyers, also known as plaintiff's lawyers, you will want to set up meetings with them. These initial consultations may not be free, but they will help the lawyer learn about your case and help you learn about his or her expertise, skills, and ability to handle your case.

Just as when you were in school, you should do your homework before meeting with auto accident lawyers. Write down all the facts that you have, and then jot down any questions you may have for the lawyer. You might want to ask questions about experience, the lawyer's strategy for cases like yours, or how he or she will bill you.

Bring your notes to your meeting to jog your memory if you get nervous, and feel free to take notes while you are meeting with the lawyers. Anything you say or ask the lawyer will be kept confidential even if you do not hire him or her.

How Will Your Car Accident Lawyer Charge You?

Some personal injury lawyers, as auto accident lawyers may also be known, will charge a contingency fee, which means that he or she will be paid a portion of any settlement you are paid. Other lawyers will charge an hourly rate.

Selecting an Auto Accident Lawyer in Your City

Immediately after your meetings, write down any points you might want to remember. If any lawyer has pressured you to hire him or her, this is not the right lawyer for you. Also, if you cannot afford the lawyer, you should not hire him or her. After you have met with several personal injury lawyers, you may have a good idea of which lawyer you want to work on your case. If you are torn between a few lawyers, you can ask for references. Once you have settled on a lawyer that you can trust and afford, you can hire him or her and begin your personal injury proceedings.