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Wisconsin Crash Fatalities Increase According to Final 2010 Report

Fatal highway crashes in Wisconsin increased for the year 2010, according to statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. There were 517 fatal crashes in Wisconsin for 2010 compared with 488 for 2009. This resulted in a fatality rate of 1.14 for 2010 compared with 2009's rate of 0.93. The 2010 figure is substantially less than the five-year average from 2005 to 2009, which was calculated to be 609. The actual number of deaths for 2010 was 676 and a substantial increase over the prior year's 562.

Highway Injuries Decrease for 2010

Nonfatal injuries in Wisconsin for the past year actually decreased. While 29,907 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2009, only 29,380 were injured the following year. Crashes producing only property damage fell as well. In 2009, Wisconsin tallied 79,596 property-damage-only crashes. This figure dropped to 78,911 in 2011. Therefore the total motor vehicle crashes in Wisconsin for 2010 dropped to 108,108 crashes, from 109,991 accidents in 2009.

Speed Kills

The highest number of crashes are consistently caused by excess speed. There were 16,708 speed-related crashes in 2010, a significant reduction from the 19,420 posted the previous year. Surprisingly deer-related crashes topped the list for 2010 with 16,947, a slight increase from the prior year. Next in frequency were alcohol-related crashes, with 5,751 reported for the past year, a substantial reduction from 2009's 6,429. Alcohol-related fatalities also dropped from 238 in 2009 to 220 in 2010. The fatality number for alcohol-related crashes in Wisconsin is the lowest reported in the past five years.

Heavy Trucks Crash More Than Motorcycles

There were substantially more heavy-truck crashes than accidents involving motorcycles, and this has remained constant over the last five years. In 2010, there were 6,242 crashes involving heavy trucks while motorcycles tallied only 2,426. Both of these figures represented an increase over the prior year's figures. Construction-zone crashes were also prevalent, with 1,748 reported in 2010. This was a substantial increase over the previous year and in fact was the highest number of construction-zone crashes reported in Wisconsin for the 2005-2010 period. Construction-zone fatalities and injuries also experienced a significant increase in 2010 when compared with the preceding five-year period.

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